Building my Electric Guitar

How I Got Started

My Gibson Melody Maker with Gibson humbucker pickups This electric guitar is what started this whole guitar building adventure. One day one of my son's friends was over, and I casually mentioned something about maybe building electric guitars someday. To which he told me that he had found an old electric guitar in a barn that was going to be torn down, and he asked me if I wanted it.

I wish I had taken a photo of it when I first got it. There was no pickgard, and all of the electronics were literally just hanging loosely by the wires!

I took it to a guy that is an old electric guitar expert, and he determined that it is an old Gibson Melody Maker. Based on its serial number, his best guess was an early 60's model. Back then, Gibson didn't do a very good job with their serial numbers, so its quite difficult, to nail down the exact date of this guitar.

I recently received an email from someone that seemed to think it was a 1963 Melody Maker. He said he got his info from the Blue Book of Guitars, and the fact that he had a 1964 Melody Maker with a slightly higher serial number. Thanks! I appreciate the help! The serial number on it is: 120405.

Unfortunately someone that owned it, decided to put in humbucker pickups into it. So they enlarged the pickup openings, which significantly took away its value. But the good news is that the pickups that came with it were also early 60's vintage Gibson humbuckers! I measured the resistance of each pickup, and the Neck pickup read 7.74k and the Bridge pickup read 8.45k so they were still good pickups.

Building my Electric Guitar


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