Building my Electric Guitar

Building My Electric Guitar - The Pickguard

Knowing that any pickguard from other electric guitars would not fit, I opted for custom designing my own pickguard. Having done this once before, I chose to do it again. Like before, I had the good people at Terrapin Guitars make my custom pickguards.

In order for them to make my pickguards, (I am making two guitars) I needed to send them a tracing of the two pickguards. Here is how I did it.

In the photo below, you can see what I have done. By gently rubbing a pencil perpendicular to the edge of the electric guitar, it is easy to get the exact outline of it. Doing the same thing to the electronics cavity on the same sheet of paper, it is then easy to tell where the pickguard can go.


Building my electric guitar tracing the pickguard


Once you have the layout of your electric guitar on the paper, then you can design your own pickguard knowing where the edge of the guitar is, as well as the electronics cavity. After many tries of cutting out a paper version of the pickguard, I eventually came to my final pickguard design.

In the photo below, you can see where I went over the electronics cavity again just to make sure there was enough distance between the edge of the pickguard and the edge of the electronics cavity so I could put a mounting screw for the pickguard.


Building my electric guitar - designing the pickguard

Also notice that on the right side of the pickguard, there are two pieces of paper. What I did here was I used a previous attempt of my paper cutout of my pickguard, but it was wrong. So instead of cutting out a whole new one, I just re-used my previous template. Now once I finally got my paper pickguard template the way I wanted it, I then transferred it on to another whole sheet of paper by taking the paper template as shown in the image above, and laying it down on a sheet of paper and tracing the outline on to it.  It was then ready to be sent to Terrapin Guitars to be cut out.

The image below show what I sent to Terrapin Guitars. This is not to scale, but only an example of what they need. In my case, it fit on a sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheet of paper. For more details on what Terrapin Guitars needs, just go to this page.


Building my electric guitar - custom pickguard


Here is a photo of what one of the electric guitars will look like. I used black construction paper for the pickguards, and temporarily set everything up. This one is for me.

Building my electric guitar - the custom pickguard


Here is a photo of the other electric guitar also using black construction paper as a mock up for the pickguard. This one is for my son.


Building my electric guitar - The Custom Pickguard



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