Building my Electric Guitar

Building Electric Guitar - Wiring The Electronics

Next comes wiring up the electric guitar, and mounting the humbucker pickups. The photo below shows the humbuckers mounted, as well as the electronics cavity.


Building my electric guitar - wiring


Having looked at the electronics of lots of electric guitars, there a few things that I don't like about how they are wired. First of all, they aren't properly shielded. In order to shield the electronics cavity, I went to the local craft store and bought some copper foil and lined the electronics cavity with it.

Here is a photo of the electric guitar's electronics cavity lined with copper foil.


Building an electric guitar - wiring

The first thing to do is to cut out a piece of copper foil slightly larger than the bottom of the electronics cavity.This way the edges of the foil will go up the sides of the electronics cavity a bit. Next cut out strips of copper foil slightly wider than the depth of the cavity, and form them along the sides. When you are finished, it should look like the photo on the left.

Next take a soldering gun and solder the joints of the copper foil. This takes a surprising amount of heat, and a soldering iron won't produce enough heat. I had to use my Weller 140 watt soldering gun for this.

Building my Electric Guitar

Building my Electric Guitar

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