Building my Electric Guitar




Next, take the pickguard and trace the part of the controls cavity on to the copper foil. Then cut out the copper foil slightly smaller than the pickguard. Make sure that the foil on the pickguard will make a connection to the foil hanging over the edge of the controls cavity. The whole idea here is to completely enclose the controls cavity with the copper foil.

Then mount the copper foil to the underside of the pickguard, and install the switch and the volume & tone controls. Here is a photo of the controls for my electric guitar. To attach the copper foil to the pickguard, use thin double-sticky scotch tape.


Building my electric guitar - wiring


Next comes the actual wiring of the electric guitar. Another thing that bothers me about electric guitar wiring, is that there are all kinds of ground loop, which also makes it susecptible to noise and hum. First off, what is a ground loop? Basically it is a situation in any grounding system where there is more than one path to ground. Further explanation of a ground loop is beyond the scope of this website. I you want to know more about ground loops, here is a good article about it.

Now in order to avoid ground loops in electric guitars, the best thing to do is to run all wires that are to be grounded to the same point. The best place for this to be is the shield connection of the electric guitar's input jack.

Here is a wiring diagram of my electric guitar that shows all wires that are to be grounded running to this point:

Build my electric guitar - wiring - schematic diagram

Notice that instead of bending the ground terminal on the volume controls and soldering them to the back of the pot, I ran a seperate wire back to the output jack. The same is also true for the tone controls, as well as for the ground wires of the pickups.



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