Building my Electric Guitar

Building My Electric Guitar - Gluing Neck To Body

So finally the big day came. Gluing the guitar neck to the body. As always, its best to set up your clamps and actually clamp the guitar parts together. This way you can figure out how to arrange the clamps.


Building my electric guitar - gluing the guitar neck to the guitar's body


Also notice in the photo above I am using the left over scraps of wood from when I cut out the electric guitar's body. This helps to keep the guitar body from sliding when clamped. Also notice that I slipped a piece of cardboard where the scrap piece of wood touches the electric guitar''s body. This helps protect the sanded edge of the guitar body from the rough edge of the scrap piece of wood.

Notice in the photo below at the neck joint the wood is wet. What happens when the joint is clamped the glue oozes out. Its important to clean off all excess glue. This is important because any glue on the surface of the wood will mess up the finish of the electric guitar.
Building my electric guitar - gluing neck to the guitar body


Building my Electric Guitar

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