Building my Electric Guitar

Building My Electric Guitar PAF Humbucker Pickups

Probably the most influential part of an electric guitar's sound is the pickups. Since I was going for a vintage Gibson sound like what my Melody Maker has, even though they aren't real PAF's which is most sought after, they are  what is referred to as patent number pickup, which are also becoming desirable.

As far as getting the parts to make a humbucker pickup,there are several places on the web that sell them. Such as Stewart-MacDonald, Guitar Parts USA, and Guitar Jones. Here is a photo of the parts needed:

PAF Humbucker pickup parts



The photo to the right shows the business end of my modified sewing machine that I use for winding my pickups. Notice the two vertical bars in the foreground and background. These are guides so the wire doesn't come off the bobbin during the pickup winding process.

You can also see one of the bobbins on the end of the sewing machine's flywheel ready to be wound.

One thing you also need is some kind of turns counter. I used a Cub5 counter that I found on Ebay, and a proximity detector to trigger the counter on each revolution of the winder.

Depending on what sound you are going for on your pickups, you want approximately 5000 turns of 42 ga. wire on each bobbin.

PAF Humbucker building


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