Building my Electric Guitar

Building My Electric Guitar - Rough Sanding The Body

Next I sanded the body with coarse sandpaper. The most difficult part is the edges of the body, especially the inside edges. So to take care of this, I purchased a Drum Sander Kit for my hand drill.

The photo below shows how I set up my drill using my workmate, and a couple of clamps. Notice the one clamp is on the drill's speed control. This is so I could run the drill and hold the guitar body with both hands.


Build my Electric Guitar Sanding the mahogany wood


I'm sure this is one of those "not intended to be used this way" and it might be dangerous. So I don't recommend this.

The photo below shows the guitar body being sanded with the drum sander attachment. One thing I didn't realize was how it is not too difficult to remove a lot of wood with a drum sander.


Building my electric guitar Sanding the mahogany wood


One thing I needed to watch was to make sure the rotation of the drum sander is always going with the grain of the wood. For example in the above photograph, I only did one half of the notched area, then I rotated the guitar body so the back was on this side in order to keep the drum sander rotation with the grain of the wood.

The point here is to sand until the saw marks from the bandsaw are no longer visible.


Building my Electric Guitar Sanding the mahogany wood

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